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>John the Baptist Lumberjack

> I have been interested in Early Christianity for some time. Having been raised in the Christian tradition, and eventually coming to question it, I had some vague understanding of the process, more political than prophesied, by which the New … Continue reading

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>The Story Teller — A Call to Action

> In my previous post, I mentioned the proprietor of the Book Nook, who has held a dear place in my heart since high school, as both a Loud Talker, and a Story Teller. During my research for that post, … Continue reading

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>Loud Talkers, Story Tellers, and Monster Molecules

> I have fallen out of contact with too many people. Those with whom I have maintained contact with are the most valued friends I have. I do not wonder that the value of friendship increases with time. This fact … Continue reading

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