>The Story Teller — A Call to Action


In my previous post, I mentioned the proprietor of the Book Nook, who has held a dear place in my heart since high school, as both a Loud Talker, and a Story Teller.

During my research for that post, when looking for a suitable link to information about the Book Nook, I came across the following post in an online chat forum:


Marietta, GA · May 31, 2007

“Love books worked in retail books for last 20 years(was just recently fired as manager of Book Nook Marietta after 10 years)…..anyway I’m mostly a non-fiction guy ,but I love fiction from John Steinbeck to Stan Lee.”

Is this The Loud Talker of my youth?! Has the Story Teller been silenced? I never knew the name of The Story Teller, or if I did that has been lost. What has not been lost, what I will never lose, is the memory of The Book Nook, a memory that is inextricably linked to The Loud Talker’s voice, continuously telling his stories to whomever would listen.

If this Barry is indeed The Story Teller, and it seems likely that it is (I recall that The Story Teller seemed to hold some position of authority. In my last post I called him “owner,” but “manager” fits nearly as well), I feel that it is my responsibility to cast the light of inquisition on the circumstances surrounding his firing. What is The Book Nook without The Story Teller?

I am calling the readers of this blog to action regarding this horrible turn of events. This, as Barry says, is “an unexpected shock and trauma” for me and all those like me, whose memories of childhood book buying are crystallized in the image and sound of The Story Teller. Please post any pertinent information regarding Barry’s firing. We will know the facts. We, like Barry, are “non-fiction guys”.

Oh, Barry! You have fallen on hard times. Your stories stifled by the limitations of print and the character maximums of chat forum posting boxes. You are not forgotten, Storyteller! You talk more loudly than ever now, and what you say will resound in history!


About Noah Brewer

I am an English teacher and Debate coach living in Carrollton, GA. I like gardening and critical theory. I like teaching and learning. I like language and technology.
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2 Responses to >The Story Teller — A Call to Action

  1. Anonymous says:

    >damn, this comes as a hard blow indeed. i still tell stories about the storyteller (the loud-talker) and it is hard to believe that he is gone, lacking a venue for his stories…st

  2. Bette says:

    >Well written article.

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