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Jameson’s Cultural Logic

The collapse of base into superstructure that Jameson posits in Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism seems to have broad and unsettling implications for the Marxist model itself. After all, if political-economy has aligned itself completely with cultural … Continue reading

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On the History of Consciousness

On the Origin of Species (1859) Capital, Volume 1 (1867) The Interpretation of Dreams (1900) The General Theory of Relativity (1915) Course in General Linguistics (1916) – Lectures 1906-1911 Quantum Uncertainty (Heisenberg) (1927)

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>A Quick Look at (McKeon’s) Structuralism

>Walter Benjamin (in “The Storyteller”) laments the loss of reminiscence represented by Modernity. He relates this form of memory to the storyteller, who has his roots in oral tradition. These days, he argues, we are attracted by the verifiability of … Continue reading

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>Nietzsche’s Not-logic

>How much of life is a battle between logic and not-logic. Whatever is the opposite of logic is what Nietzsche hopes to represent in the Dionysiac: logic’s dialectical antithesis. It is the same not-logic that dominates Freud’s conception of our … Continue reading

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