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Derrida’s Frame and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Derrida’s concept of the frame, the perergon, which he uncovers in his deconstruction of Kant’s 3rd Critique might bring into focus some of the issues regarding Midsummer that I have been struggling to put into words. (Strange, perhaps, that Derrida … Continue reading

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>Dialectical Intentionality

>It might be productive to pursue a dialectical approach to the impasse we have reached in our discussions of Shakespearean intentionality in performance: a desire to know the author’s intentions, an unconscious assumption that we do, exists along with a … Continue reading

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>The Role of Performance, The Roll of Print

>Marshall McLuhan saw a certain affinity between Shakespeare’s time and our own. Both times, argued McLuhan, represented periods of transition in the status of print media. Of course, Shakespeare and we stand on opposite ends of the spectrum. What for … Continue reading

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